Salary Information To Empower Yourself

About Pay or Stay

Original Idea

Pay or Stay is an idea I came up with as a quick and easy app to help me brush up on my development skills after returning from a one-month backpacking trip across Europe.

The idea was to create a salary intelligence app to help empower those who are considering moving to another city. It will be a tool to find out what you need to earn in the city you want to live in to maintain the same standard of living + more.

I just recently moved from New York to San Francisco. Before my move, I have spent countless hours researching cost of living, average salary, taxes and other things in multiple cities when I was deciding where to move. So I thought, why not build something beautiful that does it all for me with one click and share it with others?

There are already salary calculators out there, but I wanted to do more than just spitting out a number. I wanted to provide related salary information that can be helpful as well. I wanted to create a beautiful and visual one-page "report" that is both informative and easy to understand (kind of like those credit score trackers or reports); something people can use to do research on different cities or for their negotiations.

This app was originally called "Needle in a Haystack". After sharing my initial idea with a few friends, they came up with the name "Pay or Stay".

Current App

I spent three days working on this app, including research, backend development, frontend design, deployment, and bug fixes. The final outcome was not as feature-ful as I had envisioned due to the lack of public data available. I was discouraged by the lack of data at first, but I ended up letting go of some of my ideas and pivoted the app (multiple times).

With some creative workarounds, Pay or Stay ended up being pretty close to what I envisioned. Using the Cost of Living Index, Pay or Stay calculates what salary you need to earn in the city you want to live in to maintain the same standard of living you currently have. I've also implemented some additional features and laid it out in simple and beautiful mobile-responsive dashboard.

Desired Improvements