Salary Information To Empower Yourself

Technologies Used

US Census Bureau's Cost of Living Index

Provided the composite and breakdown indexes for select urban areas in Excel format, which was then parsed and imported into a PostgreSQL database. The data is based on 2010. I am currently trying to look for an index that is more current and complete (internationally).


Provided the interactive charting and mapping solution for me to display index, salary, and job information in a visually appealing and meaningful way.

Ruby Geocoder

Allowed me to map the urban areas provided from the US Census Bureau's Cost of Living Index to their respective longitudes and latitudes.

FFC's Census Block Conversions API

Returns to me the US Census Bureau Census Block number (FIPS code) of the urban areas based on their longitudes and latitudes, so I can use the FIPS code to map the locations onto a visual map. It's funny how I have to go through Geocoder and FCC just to get the US Census Bureau Block number from the data provided from the US Census Bureau themselves. They sure made me jump through hoops...

Glassdoor's Job Progression API

Provided the job progression data for me to visually display based on job title.